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Nowadays, people have a lot of problems, such as panic attacks, neuroses, stress due to desire to be over-productive and over-successful. This problem is new reality of our life. We use a lot of information «downloading» ourselves with endless responsibilities. But, our body and our psyche don’t develop as quickly as we want. And we can’t follow our wishes in a proper way.
Trying to restore from
traums, problems and to prevent from their repetition we often stop hearing ourselves and even forget why we have started this race.
In this moment we felt that we started losing our power.
If we capitulated, we wouldn't
rise. But we managed to defeat our own

powerlessness and started changing ourselves. Now we don't want to meet
any standards, becau
se the standards haven’t met us at all.

We are eager to transform ourselves to a new form.
That’s why we want to create an image of a person with new ethics of sincerity.


Collaboration with Mari Anokhina

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