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GUSI-LEBEDI (The Magic Swan Geese) 


The serie “Gusi-Lebedi” shows a poetic photographic collection of the author's experiences with the “hero's journey”. Valeria talks about the loss of comfort zones, the encounter with one's own fears and what the path to change can be.


"After years of depression and inner crisis, I decided to travel inside myself. To understand the events of my life and to find the inner strength to continue on the path. And the place of my journey was the natural landscapes of Iceland," says the author.


In this serie of works, the author compares the personal “hero's journey” with the plot of the Russian fairy tale “The Magic Swan Geese”, in which the main character is put to the test and experiences inner and outer changes in life. Yet Valeria reinterprets the images of the fairy tale's heroes through the lens of personal experience, leaving the ending open. You wonder if there is a limit to this story and what will happen next.

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